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The restaurant Une Table À Deux, located in the Des Carmes district of Toulouse, is open during the week and can be booked via Guestonline. Responsive and attentive to your requests, the experienced team is available to provide any additional information you may require. In an effort to amaze their guests and offer a " gustatory " journey, the restaurant regularly offers contests and special events.



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An occasion to discover our new dishes

Committed to quality and eager to provide a cuisine that is innovative and diverse, follow their latest updates to discover and taste their new suggestions. Guests have had the opportunity to discover (and approve) creations such as :

  • Braised beef cheek ravioli
  • Shiitake mushroom stir-fry with creamed peanuts
  • Octopus accompanied with lentils
  • Leeks and pickled red onions…

The desserts are no exception, such as the Breton curry shortbread with a ginger and citrus cream, strawberries accompanied by an almond biscuit and fennel ice cream. What a selection!



Article published in BOUDU TOULOUSE, LE MAG  September 2018


Is it the place, on the tiny Rue de la Pleau (perpendicular to Ozenne) that is blessed by the Gods or is it a (happy) coincidence? In any case, Une Table à Deux, which took over, in the spring, from La Popote, doesn't fall shy of  its glorious predecessor. At the control of this new restaurant. Morgane and Nicolas, a very friendly couple who, after learning the trade in several of the city's starred establishments, travelled all over Asia, mainly Malaysia and South Korea. A journey of discovery that is reflected in the content of their dishes, inspired, exotic, daring and above all incredibly tasty. Conger eel fritters, tuna tataki, chicken, risotto and vegetables drizzled with a curry emulsion, the pairings are perfect, cooked to perfection, all served in a charming setting of wood and brick. Starting from 16 euros for lunch and 29 euros for dinner. 

Une Table à deux. 10 rue de la Pleau


Article published in ACTU TOULOUSE

Toulouse. This new restaurant offers dishes... inspired by the journeys of the chefs...

The Toulouse restaurant Une Table à deux is open from Monday to Friday, for lunch and dinner and Wednesday only for dinner.


Practical information :

Monday to Friday lunch (12pm-1:45pm) and dinner (7:30pm-9:30pm) except Wednesdays (open only for dinner).

For reservations please call 05 61 25 03 51.  For more information visit their la page Facebook 


Opened in April 2018 in the city of Toulouse, Une Table à Deux offers its customers fresh produce in a welcoming atmosphere, with dishes inspired by the chefs' travels. Morgane and Nicolas, two chefs originally from the south-west of France, decided to open a restaurant with a cuisine inspired by both France and their travels.

A cuisine with diverse flavours

Nicolas and Morgane are well-travelled, and their cuisine is inspired by the various cultures they have discovered. "We prepare seasonal dishes using fresh produce and each day we offer an Asian dish à la carte", Morgane tells Actu Toulouse. Their bread is made from organic flour and natural yeast. And a little originality: a selection of teas from different regions of the world is proposed to accompany the menu or to finish the meal... Since the opening of the restaurant, Morgane and Nicolas are rather satisfied, they have good feedback from customers about their cuisine.

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